Fajita steak roll-ups with BACON! 

Haven’t posted in a while but I’m back! 

Yesterday I got a great sale on some sirloin tip steaks. I got them thinly cut and then proceeded to walk around the produce section for some inspiration. I grabbed some sweet peppers (red, orange, yellow), onions, and headed home. 

Once home, I tenderized and seasoned the steaks on both sides with Pink Peruvian salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and then placed julienne sweet peppers and onions. 


I sprinkled a bit more of the seasonings on the veggies and rolled the steak up. Now that I’m paleo bacon has become a more regular fixture in my house than before. There’s nothing that can’t be wrapped in bacon, so I wrapped the fajita steak roll-up with bacon! 


Pan fried them in a small amount of coconut oil, and then let them hit the broiler for a few to get the bacon nice & crispy!  

It was love at first bite! For the non paleos in my family I served them with black beans and white rice. Let me know if you try it! 


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