Turkey Taco Wraps 

The Honduran in me sometimes misses tortillas and rice but I rarely give in! Specially because prior to going paleo I wasn’t a fan of either. 

I’m sure all my low-carb and fellow paleos live for the romaine leaves that substitute tortillas and wraps, but how many of you miss the crunch of a crunchy taco? I definitely did, but I’ve found that substituting for cabbage (purple cabbage is my fave!) is a great alternative! 

To make these turkey tacos I used: 

  1. Ground turkey (1 lb) 
  2. Sweet peppers-2 of each they were small (Orange, red, yellow) 
  3. 1 onion
  4. 3 small Roma tomatoes 
  5. Cumin to taste
  6. Paprika to taste
  7. Chili powder to taste
  8. Pink Peruvian salt
  9. Coconut oil 
  10. Romaine leaves
  11. Purple cabbage leaves 

First I browned the ground turkey, then drained the excess water. In a separate pan I heated up a teaspoon of coconut oil and then sautéed the veggies. I then added the ground turkey and all seasonings! They were amazing! A favorite in my household! 
I alternate what I use as a wrap according to what I’m in the mood for. Hope you all try it & enjoy!



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